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"Industrial Radiography: Improvements in Radiation Protection", Rome, Italy, October 2001

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The 2nd EAN Workshop on “Good Radiation Practices in Industry and Research” made a number of recommendations. For industrial radiography, improvements in radiographic equipment safety and worker training were key recommendations. This, the 5th Workshop has taken the recommendations of the 2nd workshop as a starting point.

About 70 representatives from 21 countries took part in that 5th Workshop. Most of the concerned stakeholders were represented: International Organisations (International Atomic Energy Agency-IAEA, European Commission-EC), national regulatory bodies, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) companies or professional organisations, client companies, viagra ingredients, industrial radiography apparatus manufacturers, radiological protection training organisations, qualified experts, research centres… Special mention should be given to the role of IAEA in supporting the participation of countries from the Middle East and Eastern and Central Europe.

That Workshop allowed all stakeholders to discuss more than 20 oral and 10 posters presentations. Six working groups were respectively devoted to: “regulation”, “incidents, accidents, near misses”, “work organisation”, “training”, “safety culture” and “equipment”. Finally, that three days Workshop has led to several conclusions and recommendations for the improvement of workers radiological protection in industrial radiography.

Programme and Downloadable Papers

Title, Authors PDF PPT
  Session 1: Setting the Scene - Chaired by Mr. E. Sgrilli, ANPA (Italy)  
1 Industrial radiography and the recommendations from the 2nd EAN Workshop
P. Shaw, NRPB (United Kingdom)
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2 Dose distribution in industrial radiography in Europe
G. Frasch, Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Germany)
pdf.png ppt.gif
3 Radiation safety in industrial radiography: current work by IAEA
J. Wheatley, IAEA
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4 Synthesis on lessons learnt from incidents/accidents
P. Crouaïl , CEPN (France)
5 Industrial radiography in Norway - legislation and qualification requirements with regard to the reporting and handling of accidents
T. Wøhni, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Norway)
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6 Radiation protection of the workers in industrial radiography: the point of view of the regulatory body in France
A. Biau, OPRI (France)
7 Synthesis on regulatory bodies point of view
A.M. Schmitt-Hannig, BfS (Germany)
8 Sealed sources European Union legislation
V. Ciani, European Commission
  Session 2: Equipment & Dosimetry / Surveillance
- Chaired by Mr. M. Shilton, AEA Technology (United Kingdom)
9 Equipment for gamma radiography in France
J.-C. Godin, CEGELEC (France)
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10 SAFER Radiography, a new process
M. Wass, SafeRad (UK)
11 Improved safety in gammaradiography – new equipment design, new isotopes
T. Giese, MDS Nordion (Germany)
12 Reduction of radiation exposure through the application of new detector techniques in Industrial Radiography
C. Bellon, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und–prüfung (Germany)
13 Optimal uses of “personal” and “equipment” dosimeters for Industrial Radiography operations
J.-M. Houin, MGP Instruments (France)
14 Comparison of what can be obtained by radiological testing exclusively and by alternative testing
G. Nardoni, AIPnD (Italy)
Session 3: Safety Culture / Organisation & Management
- Chaired by Mr. V. Ciani, European Commission
15 Risks in mobile industrial radiography
H. Hoogstraate, Röntgen Technische Dienst (The Netherlands)
16 Supervision by the Client of site radiography contractors – Why and How
A. MacDonald, NRPB (United Kingdom)
pdf.png ppt.gif
17 A Nuclear Safety approach for a Radiation Protection issue
HP. Blandin, EDF-GDL (France)
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18 Non-destructive tests through gammagraphy: "a technical job as well as some necessary rigorous improvisation and astutes"
A. Garrigou, University of Bordeaux 1 (France)
pdf.png ppt.gif
19 Evolution of the operational doses from the industrial radiography using mobile gammagraphy equipments in Spain (1995-2000) and the Nuclear Safety Council future actions in order to reduce them
E. Rodrigo Gonzalez, CSN (Spain)
pdf.png ppt.gif
20 The Italian legislation and directives concerning protection and safety of workers and members of the public against the exposure risk to ionizing radiations
G. Benedetti, Magistrate (Italy)
21 Some radiation protection aspects concerning the use of sealed gamma sources in industry or medicine as seen by German trade unions
M. Schröder, DGB-Bundesvorstand (Germany)
  Session 4: Training on Radiation Protection
- Chaired by Mr. J. Wheatley (IAEA)  and Mr. J. Croft, NRPB (United Kingdom)
22 Radiation protection in Industrial Radiography: training and inspection
R. van Sonsbeek, Röntgen Technische Dienst (The Netherlands)
pdf.png ppt.gif
23 Industrial radiography in Croatia – New Approach
M. Novakovic, EKOTEH (Croatia)
pdf.png ppt.gif
24 The effectiveness of radiation protection training in industrial radiography
J. Stewart, NRPB (United Kingdom)
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25 IAEA education and training on radiation protection
J. Wheatley, IAEA
26 Review of the development of incidents databases and feedback mechanism: IRID, RELIR, EURAIDE and RADEV
J. Croft, NRPB (United Kingdom)
pdf.png ppt.gif
27 Ionising Radiation Incidents in Industrial Gammagraphy: Analysis of 20 French Cases and Lessons learned
P. Crouaïl, CEPN (France)
28 Investigation about on cause of radiation accidents in nuclear Industry (1982-1996) Vahdat Khiabani, Iranian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (Iran)    
29 Radiation Protection and Industrial Radiography in Denmark
P. Moller, National Institute of Radiation Hygiene (Denmark)
30 Requirements of radiation protection in the German Industrial Radiography following the recent legislation
B. Solter, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V., (Germany)
31 Time-trend and consequences analyse of radiographers exposure in the Czech Republic
K. Petrova, State Office for Nuclear Safety (Czech Republic)
32 Industrial Radiography in Sudan
I. Shaddad, Sudan Atomic Energy Commission (Sudan)
33 Radiation Protection in Industrial Radiography, Swiss Regulations
H. Kunz, SUVA, (Switzerland)
34 The Swedish regulation of Industrial Radiography
C. Stalnacke, SSI (Sweden)
35 Present status of the Spanish Industrial Radiography Apparatus and Monitoring Devices Inventory
B. Alfonso, CSN (Spain)
pdf.png ppt.gif
36 Safety and performance by design
M. Shilton, AEA Technology QSA (United Kingdom)
37 Safety Guide n° 5.14 issued in Spain by the Nuclear Safety Council: Security and Radiological requirements in the industrial gamma radiography facilities
B. Tamayo, CSN (Spain)
pdf.png ppt.gif
38 IAEA’s Radiation Events Database (RADEV)
J. Wheatley, IAEA
39 Training in France: the situation and its limits
P. Muglioni, APAVE (France)

40 Improving Safety Culture while executing Site Radiography
M. KEREN, Minsitry of the Environment (Israel)
41 Training in Radiation Protection for Industrial Radiographers and some generals on Radiation Protection Culture in Austria
C. Schmitzer, ARCS (Austria)
42 Status of Industrial Radiography Practice in Ghana
S. Asiamah, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (Ghana)