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Every 6 months, at the occasion of the EAN Steering Group meeting, the members of the network provide a small document summarizing the main events dealing with ALARA in their country. The following documents include these information. The later ALARA news have been included directly in the minutes of the EAN meetings. 

ALARA News - June 2015
ALARA News - December 2014
ALARA News - December 2013

ppt.gif PowerPoint presentations in English


Optimisation of protection. The cornerstone of radiation protection. A view on the NORM industry. Italian RP congress, Septembre 2023
Optimisation of protection. The cornerstone of radiation protection. F. Vermeersch, IAEA ORP Conference, September 2022
The role of networking in optimization of radiation protection. Dissemination and knowledge transfer. F. Vermeersch, IAEA ORP Conference, September 2022
The application of the graded approach for the radiation protection of the workers at the workplace, Reflections from two European ALARA Networks, ICRP Digital workshop, 20 October 2021
  capturetrasnusafeeurocourse1    The System of Radiological Protection & the role of international organisations in the development of the national legal frameworks - Scientific bases, philosophy and regulatory framework of Radiological Protection, P. Croüail, Trasnusafe Eurocourse No.1, Manchester, November 2013
   capture dcran 2013-12-04  13.04.31    Presentation of EAN to ICRP Main Commission session with Special Liaison Organisation, 2nd ICRP Symposium (2013), F. Vermeersch, EAN SG 36
  capture dcran 2013-12-04  13.04.48     Key Points of the 2nd ICRP Symposium, Abu Dhabi (2013), P. Shaw, EAN SG 36
2010-irpa-helsinki.jpgIRPA congress - Helsinki (2010)
2009-ean-generic.jpg2nd EAN-NORM Workshop (2009)
2009-ean-generic.jpg5th RECAN Workshop (2009)
2009-ean-generic.jpgGeneric presentation of EAN (2009)
ppt-ean-2007(fr).jpgGeneric presentation of EAN (in French - 2009)
 Experience with networking to support optimisation in practice, a generic presentation of EAN (in English, January 2021 version (.pdf) (.pptx)
Radiation Protection in Medicine - The ALARA Process, Arturo Pérez Mulas, General Electric Healthcare Radiology Forum, February 2019



2006-ean-poster.jpgEAN Poster (2006)

2009-ean-poster-ge.jpgEAN Poster (in German - 2009)


EAN poster (2009) document EAN Poster (2011)



2009-ean-poster-ge-text.jpgPresentation of EAN - Text associated with poster (in German - 2009)

airp vasto ean.jpgPresentation of EAN - AIRP Seminar (in Italian - 2007)

The European ALARA Network, activities and outputs, F. Vermeersch, P. Croüail, J. Morgan, N. Stritt and S. Andresz, communication to national radiation protection societies, SCK•CEN January 7, 2021