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"ALARA and Decommissioning", Saclay, France, December 1997

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Optimisation of radiological protection has been shown to be a routine feature during major decommissioning operations in the nuclear industry sector. ALARA is not only considered as a principle but corresponds also to practices that determine important steps during the planning, the operation and feedback evaluation.

The presentations during the workshop described a wide variety of national approaches which depend on the legal requirements, the availability of funds, the industrial resources and, last but not least, the waste disposal routes in the different European countries. It was also shown that, as far ALARA implementation is concerned, the reality is still far from being ideal everywhere, and that a lot of problems have still to be solved.

If you would like a copy of one presentation, just ask us by e-mail; we will send it to you by post. If you would like to have a copy of the proceedings, they are available at the European Commission in its publication Radiation Protection issue108 ISBN 92-828-7107-X. (Luxembourg Office for Official Publications of the European Communities)


PaperTitle, Authors
1 Observations and recommendations from the 1st EAN workshop to improve ALARA - Implementation during decommissioning. ALARA Newsletter Editorial Board.
P. Croüail, C. Lefaure, J. Croft
2 Optimisation and decommissioning: challenges and limits.
V. Massaut, P. Deboodt, F. Vermeersch, A. Lefebvre, M. Klein
3 ALARP Design for the future, in BNFL.
R.A. Atherton, C. Steindorff
4 ALARA during major refurbishment of a reprocessing plant.
P.A. Vallance
5 The ALARP process as a method of dose control in decommissioning operations at Sellafield.
D.G. Pomfret
6 ALARA in the decommissioning of the ANDUJAR Uranium mil.
M.O. Teresa Ortiz
7 Management of radiological protection - the lessons learnt and issues arising from the decommissioning of a SPV Magnox Nuclear Power Station in the UK.
K. Spooner
8 Experience by the decommissioning of VVER reactors in Greifswald.
M. Cornelius, H. Sterner, D. Rittscher
9 Health physics aspects of decommissioning at AWE.
K. Stevenson
10 ALARA in the decommissioning of in-04 nuclear facility of CIEMAT.
C. Sancho, A. Martinez
11 Decision-aiding in nuclear site decommissioning. A flexibility approach.
N. Pauwels, T. Zeevaert
12 Decommissioning a French PWR NPP : dose assessment and optimisation.
R. Hilmoine
13 Optimisation opportunities in the decommissioning of accelerators.
G. Eggermont, N. Buls, A. Hermanne, W. Van Suetendael and F. Vermeersch
14 Optimised reclamation strategies for uranium mining sites in densely populated areas.
K. Gehrcke, W. Goldammer
15 Decommissioning of historic sites.
C.E. Mc Donnell
16 Criteria for land release.
S.F. Mobbs, I.M. Barraclough
17 Different policy options for the recycling of contaminated scrap metal.
A. Janssens
18 Recycling of metalscrap from nuclear installations.
S. Menon
19 Experience with release measurements during decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants.
I. Auler, E. Neukater
20 Clearance: history and outlook.
L. Baekelandt
21 Regulatory experience of ALARA and decommissioning at UK nuclear sites.
I.F. Robinson
22 Radiation protection issues in connection with the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.
I. Lund
23 Impact of new regulatory approaches on the decommissioning of Vandellos 1 NPP.
J. Lopez de la Higuera, P. O'Donnell
24 The decommissioning guide: a practical help?
L. Weil
25 Radiation protection aspects in licensing and supervising the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.
E. Eder, H. Putcha, K. Schwartzkopff
26 ALARA - Principles in licensing procedures for decommissioning operations.
J. Muller-Glewe
27 A methodology for occupational exposure feedback in the dismantling field.
M. Champion, J.G. Nokhamzon