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The 5th issue of the Newsletter presents some reviews of occupational exposure data from France and Spain. Comparison of such reviews provides valuable feedback experience to identify priorities. This issue also covers some matters addressed during meetings in Washington and Dublin on exposure of aircraft crew to cosmic radiation: namely doses are not trivial, protection options are limited, and therefore there are a number of scientific and policy issues that need developing.

  • Exposures of aircrew
    D.T. Bartlett, J. Croft
  • Occupational dose distributions
    In Spain: A. Hernandez, A. Martin, I. Villanueva
    In France: M. Champion et al.
  • Prosecution following a contamination incident in the UK
    J. Croft
  • A radiographiy incident in France
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons
  • 2nd European ALARA Network Workshop on "Good Radiation Practices in Industry and Research"