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The 2nd issue (of the ALARA Newsletter presents two tools developed with the support of the Commission of the European Union. These are, OPTI-RP (software that provides decision makers with a simple tool facilitating the selection of radiation protection options using monetary values of the collective dose unit through Cost-Benefit analyses) and IRID, (a new database in the UK that covers radiological incidents in the non nuclear sector in order to learn lessons from the past and improve ALARA implementation in these fields). This second issue also points out that feedback experience from many countries shows that practical implementation of ALARA relies essentially on personnel motivation and involvement: in essence ALARA is "a way of thinking", similar to the very well known "safety culture" or "total quality" approach in the industrial field.

  • IRID: Ionising Radiations Incidents Database
    J. Croft
  • ALARA Organisation in operating Spanish NPPs
    P. O'Donnell, I. Amor, JL. Butragueño
  • OPTI-RP: A Software to Evaluate, Compare and Select Radiation Protection Options
    C. Schieber
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons