Saturday September 23 , 2017
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Documents related to ALARA

Publication of the EAN Strategic Agenda for the 2015 - 2020 period

The Strategic Agenda of the European ALARA Network for the 2015 - 2020 period has been elaborated by the Members in 2014 and is now published on the website (in the 'Presentation of EAN/EAN Strategic Plan' section). The Strategic Agenda reminds the general objectives of EAN and presents the objectives of the Network for the period and the work programme to fulfil it.

EAN Strategic Agenda 2015 - 2020 (pdf, 455 Kb)  


How to test the effectiveness of training ? A practical solution

The 15th EAN workshop on "Improving ALARA Culture through Education and Training" was in particular focus on measuring the effectiveness of training.

Following their presentation during the workshop E. Grindrod and J. Stewart from Public Health England propose in this article an "untraditionnal" approach to test knowledge, application and competences of emergency responders at the end of their training event. The article deals with the advantages and disavantages of this approach and looks for areas of future development.

The article can be downladed here (pdf, 132 Ko).    


SFRP/COFREND working group on gammagraphy

rubalise.pngIn 2005 the French nuclear safety authority (ASN) requested the French Comittee of Non-Destructive Testings (COFREND) to work on improving radiation protection in gammagraphy. To perform this task COFREND asked for collaboration with the French Radiation Protection Society (SFRP). Thus in 2006-2007, 9 working groups on different topics (for instance, regulation, training, dosimetry, risk assessment at the workplace, etc.) were set up and in January 2008 a seminar was organized to synthetize and discuss the conclusions of the working groups.

A special edition of the French journal "Radioprotection" including the results of that work was published in late 2008. The documents (only in French) can be freely consulted here.


SMOPIE project

Following recommendation from the three first EAN workshops, the European Commission has set up a research project on the application of ALARA for the internal exposure. The SMOPIE (Strategies and Methods for the OPtimisation of Internal Exposure of workers from industrial natural sources) project came to its end in June 2004 and has generated important information about practical radiation protection monitoring programs in NORM industries. It provides practical information how to assess the radiological consequences for the workforce in a first screening campaign, and how to get more information when the first screening warrants further research. By this approach, the most efficient use can be made of resources, without spending unnecessary time and money where this is not justified and by advising on the use of the right instrumentation for the follow up of the job, in a way that produces the quality of results required to implement radiation protection controls.

You can download as Pdf files the final report and annexes:

Final Report, Annex 1, Annex 2, Annex 3/1, Annex 3/2, Annex 3/3, Annex 3/4